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Major Belgian bank

Quality assessment of tax expertise with mystery servicing

Strategic challenge

A major Belgian bank wished to ascertain how it scored in relation to the three other major Belgian banks in terms of advice (financial return, tax impact…) about a number of specific bank products.

The following challenges were defined in this framework:

  • Mapping customers’ needs and expectations.
  • Gaining an insight into the main differences with the other major banks.
  • Gaining an insight into the discrepancy between the proposed model answers about this banking advice and the actual answers they received.
  • Offer real working points that allow the organisation to further optimise quality.


What makes such a mystery shopping or mystery servicing project so difficult is the high level of complexity. Hence we paid a lot of attention to the selection and training of our mystery shoppers.

Drafting scripts and model answers

We developed two scripts about tax services, one about pension savings and one about bearer securities. Our customer developed a model answer for each script.

Developing a questionnaire

Then a questionnaire was developed in consultation with the bank which included the various aspects that our mystery shoppers had to screen for and score during the visit. These included formal parameters and parameters related to content. The majority of the parameters were objective which involved an assessment of the facts. A number of parameters were subjectively assessed based on the mystery shopper’s opinion.

Conducting pilot visits

Two pilot visits were conducted based on the developed scripts and questionnaire. The most important assessments were communicated to our mystery shoppers during the project briefing.

Conducting mystery visits

Finally mystery visits were organized to diverse branches, in the regions of Ghent, Brussels and Liège respectively.

Analysis of the findings

Because this was such a complex matter an extensive calibration of answers was implemented before analysing the data to guarantee uniform scoring between mystery shoppers.


The collaboration with Möbius led to the following tangible results:

  • An insight into differences between major banks.
  • An insight into strengths and opportunities for improvement in terms of tax services.
  • An insight into the performance per region and per branch.
  • Project and implementation plan to incorporate opportunities for improvement.

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