From recycling to circulating

Strategic challenge

Wecycle organizes the appropriate collection, transport, disassembly, depollution and recycling of all Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in the Netherlands. Wecycle wants to use first-rate and high-quality processing and to reuse electrical and electronic products and components. Möbius and Wecycle jointly researched options that will reinforce the inner circle of a circular economy for electronics.


First and foremost, Wecycle wants to provide high-quality recycling by emphasizing the improved segmenting and handling of the small household WEEE flow. Möbius jointly with Wecycle drew up different scenarios to achieve this goal. Wecycle opted to redraw the chain and to create different sorting centers and limited disassembly and soil remediation to better understand the flow of high-quality electrical devices. This led to Wecycle improving the processing results as well as making greater reuse of devices and components in a second stage. And, in creating a bridge between industry and processing partner, thus forming a circular economy.


  • A mild increase in the yield of the high-quality flow for small household devices.
  • An increase in efficiency of the grade of collection due to increased attention for reuse (beyond recycling).

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