How to build a roadmap towards supply chain sustainability?

Only 2% of organizational sustainability programs meet or exceed expectations. With over 80% of emissions being situated in the supply chain, we see that this area holds an important key to overall exceptional sustainability performance.

In our experience, a sustainable supply chain is one that can deliver a solid plan on reducing emissions throughout the supply chain, one that creates transparency and builds joint initiatives with suppliers and one that preserves and recuperates value put on the market, by implementing a circular economy.

In this webinar recordingMathias Fahy (Sustainability Team Lead at Möbius), Prof. Dr. Bram Desmet (CEO Solventure, Book Author and Keynote Speaker on Supply Chain Excellence) and Jan Janssen (Supply Chain Carbon Footprint Specialist at CO2Logic) discuss how to manage a complex business topic like sustainability across the supply chain. We also share some insights on how to build a roadmap towards supply chain sustainability in line with key business ambitions and metrics.

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