From cost center to strategic differentiator for your business

Based on proven methodologies, academic research, innovative thinking and our experience, we compiled a mini guide that helps you reaching your goals as customer service manager.

Read the guide, get to know the 6 basic components of customer service and discover:

  • How to set up a strategy for your customer service
  • Crucial skills for customer service representatives
  • How to focus on the most value-adding interactions
  • Opportunities to optimize your channel mix
  • How to deal with Artificial Intelligence in customer service
  • The power of effective coaching

Enjoy the read!


KPI’s are defined, mock-ups for (real-time) dashboards are created and the suitable number of employees is calculated to reach your desired service levels.

Fast implementation

Obtaining a fast implementation implies realizing quick wins and eliminating unnecessary actions. Implementing other opportunities besides quick wins runs smoothly and simply since actions, responsibilities and milestones are cross-checked with the employees involved and clearly defined in the implementation plan. 

Think beyond cost savings

Customer service projects create value in areas such as customer service quality, knowledge management, processes, division of roles and responsibilities, adequate tooling and employee satisfaction


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