Development of an urban circular strategy

Do you want to know how the circular economy can offer added value in your region? Do you ask yourself what its impact is on employment, air quality, economic growth, … Together we look for answers and create your circular strategy and action plan.

  • We map material flows and circular initiatives, including their ecological and socio-economic impact. 
  • We then help you to formulate your circular vision and translate it into (measurable) objectives and an action plan, including concrete pilot projects.
  • We also develop the supporting tools you need to measure at regular intervals how effective your city is in the transition from linear to circular models. 

SUSTAINABILITY AND the prosperity of your region GO HAND IN HAND

Driving circular entrepreneurs in your city or region

We help you create a breeding ground for circular entrepreneurs and support them in setting up their circular business.

  • Generating ideas: We help companies, startups, social entreprises … discover what their contribution to a circular economy can look like.
  • Shaping & testing: We help urban actors make the transition to a circular business model. We develop a strong value proposition (‘what’s in it’ for the customer) and evaluate the (financial) feasibility of the solution.
  • Piloting & scaling: We help to put circular entrepreneurial ideas into practice by drawing up systems for collection & (reverse) logistics, by drafting roadmaps for circular product design, by identifying supporting digital tools and financing possibilities … .

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Creation of circular partnerships & (digital and physical) meeting places

Cooperation is key in a circular economy. Do you want to facilitate collaboration in your own region? Do you want to bring together ideas, material flows or circular doers?

  • We build an ecosystem around a certain stream or value chain (e.g. plastics or construction), create a ‘burning platform’ and build a skill set through inspiration and training.
  • We help create the right physical and digital places for co-creation of circular products and services. 
  • We examine how you can provide the necessary data infrastructure and information so that citizens, organizations and companies in your city or region can more easily realize their circular solutions.

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