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Improve care, reduce costs

The big challenge for hospitals is to realise (better) care whilst reducing costs. The pressure on funding is constantly increasing, while the demand for quality care is growing. This is partly due to higher patient expectations, new treatment options and changes in the patient population.


Professionalisation, a focus on efficiency, valorisation of technology, the development of sustainable collaborations and network structures are necessary.

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Picture of Mathieu Dierick

Mathieu Dierick

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Sarah Misplon

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Peter Willen

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Désirée Vandenberghe

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Benjamin Lelubre

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Thomas Haspeslagh

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Siel Van Renterghem

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Olivier Camaly

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Astrid Poulissen

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Marijke Borghgraef

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Tessa De Backer

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Evi Weymaere

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