Climate impact

At Möbius, we believe that taking effective action to mitigate climate change is essential for any organisation striving for sustainability. 

We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate along the climate journey.

Climate Impact

Setting your Greenhouse gas management system

Any credible sustainability strategy must demonstrate strong management of the environmental impacts of its activities, products and/or services. This often begins with managing greenhouse gas emissions. Möbius provides expert advice on every step of the climate journey: from carbon footprint to developing strategies and transition plans for achieving (and reporting on) greenhouse gas reduction targets. We work with you to help you develop the right greenhouse gas management system for your organisation.

We support you in your low carbon transition

carbon footprint

Carbon footprint calculation

Identification of the main emission categories within Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3. Establishment of a pragmatic data collection process. Calculating your corporate or product carbon footprint according to recognised standards (GHG Protocol, Bilan carbone®, specific sectoral guidelines). Supporting you in evaluating the software solution that best fits your organisation and needs.


Setting credible targets

Consider your baseline emissions and expected growth to define realistic and achievable reduction targets. Setting targets taking into account both science (e.g. science based targets) and your corporate vision and challenges. Developing GHG simulations and different pathways to achieve the 1,5°C target or furthermore a net zero ambition. Formalising your climate commitment (e.g. SBTi submission, public commitment, internal communication).

GHG reduction

GHG reduction roadmap

How will we accomplish our goals? How much time will it take us? What resources will we need? These are important questions that need to be answered to ensure business continuity. We help you identify appropriate reduction actions, plan them and estimate the financial resources required to implement them (CAPEX/OPEX model).

value chain

Value chain management

Emissions categorised under Scope 3 often make up a significant portion of an organisation's carbon footprint, so reducing their impact is paramount. This can only be achieved by working with your suppliers. We can help you do this by analysing or collecting data from your suppliers, developing supplier collaboration programs, monitoring supplier performance over time, and establishing selection criteria for the procurement process to ensure emissions reductions throughout your value chain.

governance structure

Governance structure

Supporting decision-making related to the implementation of your climate action plan. Consultations with your various stakeholders. Defining monitoring cycles to assess your progress and update the action plan. Integrating greenhouse gas management into your daily procedures and governance structure.


Disclosure and communication of results

Preparing climate reporting according to the main standards (mandatory climate standard according to CSRD, climate change questionnaire of CDP, set of indicators in GRI ...). We can help you to communicate internally within your organisation or external communication with your customers.

Experts in Climate Impact

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Laura Shahbenderian

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Mathias Fahy