Process Management & Agile

We help you to establish an agile organisation and realise added value for your customers.

A radical change

Harmonised, integrated end-to-end processes are key to the success of your operations. Design them from a blank page if necessary and put your key stakeholders at the centre. 

More and more organisations are adopting the Agile way of working.  Agile means: flexible and smooth. The basis lies in creating repetitive, clear time periods, in which a product or services is developed. This is a radical change for your organisation. By working with self-managing teams, targeted “timeboxed” events and the use of methodically devised resources, your organisation is given the opportunity to respond agile to changes in the market.

Your challenges, our expertise

Continuous Improvement

  • Introduce Lean management principles into the organisation.
  • Create agile lean teams that improve the organisation's operations hands-on, project by project, action by action.
  • Let the lean virus spread like an oil slick. Strive for a culture of continuous improvement.

Process Management

  • Need a facilitator, a coach, an expert or an implementator? We bring a neutral and independent point of view.
  • Analyse and optimise processes. Detect bottlenecks, look for the root causes and solve them.
  • Identify improvement opportunities to bring more value to your stakeholders.
  • Our analysis is both quantitative as qualitative, using  following tools: SWOT analysis, customer journey mapping, work pressure measurements, benchmarking and many more.

Scrum Framework

  • Implementing Scrum Framework in your operational processes.
  • Training to prepare yourself for certification as a Scrum Master or Product owner.
  • Getting coached on Agile working.
  • Making concrete products available that takes place in DevOps.

Experts in Process Management & Agile

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Gert Billen

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Peter De Clerck

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Jonathan Aelterman

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Jasmine De Coninck

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