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Competent leaders know the strong points of their team and the challenges it faces. They develop a clear vision, and they know how to effectively motivate their employees to achieve their shared goals. With a carefully considered vision on leadership, you can create clarity on what you expect of your staff in leadership positions. Doing so enables you to better support and train your leaders, which in turn contributes to the realisation of your objectives and the creation of an attractive working environment.

Working alongside with you, Möbius will set out to find the right leadership style for your organisation. We'll help you devise a clear leadership policy that can be implemented at all levels of your organisation.  

Your challenges, our expertise


Inspirational leadership

How do you design an organisational culture that is perfectly aligned with your unique context and the challenges you face? Which leadership vision suits your organisation the best? Do you need more leaders and managers at your organisation, or fewer? Does a traditional hierarchy suit your needs, or is a matrix structure with self-managing teams more your thing?

Together, we'll analyse your specific situation and develop a leadership vision that delivers the strongest possible contribution to the realisation of your objectives. We can do so at an organisational level, at team level, or to support individual leaders.

Leadership development

Leadership is a challenging task! In a world that is constantly changing and with expectations getting higher all the time, it is essential that organisations offer their leaders the right support, so that they have the confidence they need to perform. By training and developing leaders in line with your leadership vision, we can create strong and driven leaders that are guaranteed to lead their teams to success.

Möbius has developed a wide range of training modules geared toward different leadership levels, from team leaders to executives. We'll support you in designing a bespoke leadership programme that is perfectly suited to the needs of your organisation. Through blended learning methods grounded in science, business games, practical challenges, development centres and coaching programmes, we're all set to help you develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Team development

Strong teams can climb the highest mountains! But what if your team needs a little push in the back to get them to strap on their hiking shoes? Research has stressed the importance of confidence within a team: an essential factor to help a team deliver an effective contribution to the success of your organisation.

We coach teams to develop a dynamic in which the entire team works together on its shared tasks in an efficient, constructive and driven way. Building confidence is a basic principle in doing so, but that said, we also focus on communication, the design of clear processes and the setting of shared objectives. We do so by using blended learning methods, in which we combine self-reflection with team insights, on-the-job learning, group challenges and teamwork activities.


Personal development

How do you encourage your employees and leaders to take responsibility for their own growth? A vision based on personal leadership encourages everyone at your organisation to take charge of their own development and achieve their goals by making optimal use of their qualities and talents.

As a self-managing organisation, Möbius not only has the experience, but the expertise too to help you develop a vision on personal leadership. We offer training and coaching to employees to help them develop their personal leadership skills as best as possible.

Our leadership experts

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