Organisational development

Optimise your processes in line with your vision.

Organisational Development

Process optimisation and data as an organisational driving force

Behind every efficient organisation, there is an HR team that is constantly adapting processes to the needs of the organisation, its employees and evolutions on the market. Exactly how these processes are integrated into your organisational model and the degree to which they are innovative is crucial to your business operations and the experience of your employees.

Möbius has a rich history of supporting organisations in their development. Together with your team, we'll use HR data to find just the right key performance indicators (KPIs) and key behaviour indicators (KBIs) to help you improve your HR processes. In doing so, we'll create an environment in which your processes enable you to focus on your core activities.

Your challenges, our expertise


HR optimisation

How do you organise your HR processes in an efficient and effective way, without losing sight of the needs of your employees and the interests of your organisation? Optimising and aligning your processes to the vision of your organisation is an essential factor in helping you deliver flawless service. 

We'll take an in-depth look at your existing HR processes. Following a thorough screening, including a SWOT analysis, we'll draw up detailed plans for the processes you need, and we'll optimise them to ensure they seamlessly align with the working methods of your organisation.

Organisational design

Whether you prefer a hierarchical structure, a flat structure or self-managing teams, your choice of organisation model is closely intertwined with your vision and the course your organisation wants to take.

Together, we'll outline a vision for your organisation model, design the change process, and support your transition toward the new model. Through training, workshops and coaching programmes, we'll work alongside your teams to put your new organisation model into practice.

Ideal behaviour

How do you know whether your employees are completely clear on what is expected of them? Moving away from the traditional performance model, we use key behaviour indicators (KBIs) as a way to measure ideal behaviour, instead of focusing solely on KPIs.

We'll support you in translating your existing KPIs into specific KBIs. By expressing the behaviour you expect from your employees in measurable terms, they will be able to contribute to the realisation of your goals more effectively. This not only helps you achieve your results more efficiently, it also promotes engagement and perceived value among your employees.

HR analytics

Using data smartly not only grants you new insights, it also sharpens your focus. Data can be overwhelming, and often, you're sitting on too much of it, but by clustering and analysing it, you can identify the bottlenecks and challenges your organisation faces. Where do you still need to grow in terms of skills, and what do you need to invest in to remain attractive to your employees? Is your change process delivering the expected return on investment?

We'll compile a dashboard with the relevant HR indicators, and we'll analyse HR-related data to support you in the development of your HR policy. That way, you're all set to make the right policy choices.

Our happy customers

“Möbius' professional approach is undoubtedly one of the parameters that contribute to the great success of this project. We experience Möbius support and advice time and again as proactive, comprehensive, innovative, co-creative and with a guiding hand at the right times.”

Sofie Stockmans, Talent & Development Manager Port of Antwerp-Bruges

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Optimise your processes in line with your vision.