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Against a backdrop of technological progress with a growing demand for a cloud-based service offering and user interfaces, governmental and government-related organisations benefit greatly from growing into smart organizations.
We are active at policy level, in hospitals, primary care, the pharmaceutical and medical-technical sector. Our expertise is bundled in following pillars:

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Shoulder to shoulder

We stand shoulder to shoulder, with our colleagues and with our clients. Together we create solutions to achieve common goals. We are fans of talent and therefore stimulate individual competencies in performant teams.


We bring innovation and extra creativity to everything we do. We question evidence. We applaud initiative on each level and expect everyone to take on ownership. More so, we encourage it.


We passionately take on any challenge. We resolutely put theory into practice, words into deeds. Testing, adapting and moving on invigorated, driven to make progress. Never give up until we succeed.


We turn your challenges into ours. We want to achieve valuable results with impact. We delve into the very core of the challenge, take a solution oriented approach and keep the objective in mind.

Like many companies, we face the challenge of digital transformation. Möbius helped us to look at our operation through the eyes of the customer. That was an enrichment for us. The customer journeys and personas are still our guide today to important choices in this process.
— Cevora
Möbius helped us to set up a cultural change program and identified together with the management team a clear road map. They guided the team with excellent coaching skills and together with them we became self-sustainable in this never-ending journey towards excellence.
— Vandemoortele
Supported by Möbius, Barco has been able to improve significantly quality, output and productivity in its different plants by a focused project approach.
— Barco
Möbius had a perfect understanding of our needs and expectations on this project, which is unique in the consulting world. Working together with the Möbius team felt like working with specialist of our business instead of external consultants.
— Partena Professional
The down-to-earth mentality of the consultants is a major asset. A lot of practical experience that can be shared at all levels – from workplace to board meeting.
— Eternit

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