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We provide guidance in developing, operationalising and monitoring policy, in defining strategy and in organisational management.

Questioning our care model

More than ever, healthcare is on the verge of transformation. The well-known challenges such as demographic evolution, increase in the number of chronically ill patients, technological progress and financial capacity still pose a threat. In addition, COVID-19 has revealed the strengths and limitations of our healthcare system. Prevention, flexibility, integration of care, a new financing model etc. are levers of the future without discussion.

At Möbius, we have focused on the healthcare sector with a belief in contributing to the ‘quintuple aim’. We do not only do this by guiding care institutions in primary care and the second and third line. A fundamental transformation requires a change of behaviour among all stakeholders. This behavioural change will only succeed when we question the systems that determine the dynamics of our care model. Based on a practical knowledge of the field and supported by our experience in change and communication management, we support policy makers in developing and monitoring policy, adjusting the underlying (care) systems, developing strategy and optimising organisational structures. We always do this supported by facts and figures (‘health analytics’) and in close participation with the stakeholders involved.

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"Our project was completed within a very short timeframe. We greatly appreciated the flexibility and effort shown by Möbius’ employees during the preparations. Because of their good ideas and especially because of the fine collaboration we were able to organise a successful congress, much to the satisfaction of our participants (and ourselves)."

Sam Van Bastelaere, Head Team Policy and Organisation VAPH

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