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Create an attractive environment in which your employees can flourish! 


Write an authentic story that connects employer and employee

Organisations with a strong and authentic story act like a magnet for employees. With the right tools and a well-thought-out vision and strategy, we can create captivating experiences for your team. Möbius will support you throughout the employee lifecycle, helping you devise a solid HR strategy that will enable you to build a competent, engaged and committed team.

Together, we'll write a strong and inspiring story that resonates with employees in practice and that inspires them to give the best of themselves.

Your challenge, our expertise

Company culture and storytelling

What story do you want to tell as an employer? Both current and future employees attach great importance to an authentic mission and vision, as well as to clearly defined and clearly lived values. In fact, there's no better place to start when it comes to attracting and retaining employees. 

Together, we'll delve right down to the core of your organisational culture, and we'll identify your strong points and the challenges you face. Based on this, we'll create a powerful value proposition and employer branding strategy that is bound to be embraced by your entire organisation.

HR strategy

To what extent does your HR strategy contribute to the overarching strategy of your organisation? How do you make sure you stay competitive, retain your talent and attract new people? By setting just the right priorities, you can realise your vision step by step. 

Working alongside you, we'll develop an HR vision, strategy and action plan, and we'll identify the right indicators to measure and monitor the effectiveness of your HR policy.

Employee journeys

How do you facilitate clear communication and interaction with employees at all levels of your organisation and at every stage of their career? And how do you encourage ownership, so that employees can take charge when it comes to shaping their careers? By offering the right tools and support, you can help your employees give the best of themselves at all times.

We'll map out your employee journey, and we'll identify the points where you can improve the experience of your employees. Using a communication strategy, clear development pathways, clear expectations for every role and level and much more, we'll point your employees in the right direction to shape their future at your organisation.

New Ways of Working

In a world that's constantly changing, it's no wonder that the way we work is constantly evolving too. To ensure your organisational culture and employee behaviour can keep pace with these changes, a clear strategy paired with the right implementation and communication methods is indispensable. But how you get all stakeholders on board in shaping the story of your future?

We will analyse your workplace using the 'new ways of working' (NWOW) principles, a modern approach that encourages flexibility, digitalisation and efficiency through the use of technology tailored to your specific needs. Based on this analysis, we'll devise a change process that is entirely bespoke to your working environment, your digital infrastructure, the habits of your team and your end customers, so we can integrate hybrid working, NWOW and activity-based working in your organisational culture.

Wellbeing and engagement

The wellbeing of your employees comes first in everything you do: that much is self-explanatory. A holistic wellbeing policy that promotes both physical and mental health and that reduces absenteeism serves as the foundation for motivated and engaged employees. But how do you go about implementing this?

We start by measuring your employee net promoter score (eNPS) and employee satisfaction, two crucial indicators in understanding the experience of your employees. Based on this analysis, we'll develop a holistic wellbeing policy that promotes the health and wellbeing of your employees through training, prevention, intervention and support.


Sustainability is an increasingly important factor when it comes to deciding who to work for. Employees want to find an organisation that reflects their values, and that gives them the chance to make a difference in the world. So, how can your organisation meet those needs? What initial steps can you take, and how do you make sure your employees value the actions you have taken? A strong sustainability policy is a vital factor in the war for talent.  

Together, we can shape your sustainability story. We'll set the indicators for a sustainable HR policy that links up seamlessly with your sustainability plan, including the social aspects of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Our focus lies on identifying the topics, themes and actions that need to be integrated into your HR policy, so that we can deliver the best possible contribution to the social aspects of this report.

Once we've done that, we will translate this improved sustainability policy to the everyday lives of your current and future employees. Only by doing so can we really turn sustainability into a hot topic at your organisation!

Our happy customers

“Thanks to the great collaboration with the Möbius team, we have taken a step towards a best-in-class employee experience. [...] This success immediately motivated us to continue this never-completed challenge.”

Morgane De Montlivault – Executive Advisor CHRO Proximus

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Create an attractive environment in which your employees can flourish!