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Sustainability Circular Economy

Be at the forefront of the sustainable transition

We help companies and policymakers to find answers to their sustainability challenges. We design effective strategies and policies that lead to results.

Every step of the way, we tap collective intelligence, take stakeholders on board and work with facts and figures.

Organising for sustainability excellence​

Helping you to manage your climate impact​

Set off on your circular economy journey

Mobius helped us in accelerating our sustainability journey. They provided professional support to structure our sustainability strategy and prioritise the right material topics. We especially appreciated the very tailored and pragmatic approach, guiding us on the issues at hand, while setting the basis for the longer term.

Francesca Angiulli Global Sustainability Manager Agfa

Experts in Sustainability & Circular Economy

Picture of Helen Versluys

Helen Versluys

Picture of Mathias Fahy

Mathias Fahy

Picture of Danielle Dewickere

Danielle Dewickere

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Thomas De Romagnoli

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Laura Shahbenderian

Accelerate your sustainable journey

Our team of experienced sustainability experts is ready to collaborate with you in finding  solutions to your specific sustainability challenges. Together, we will design effective strategies and policies that deliver measurable results.