Our services

Möbius was created more than 25 years ago and since then it's changed a lot, like you. We've expanded to the Netherlands & France and we've developed some new expertises.

We know that the advice you needed yesterday is not the advice you will need tomorrow.

strategy consulting

Strategy & Implementation

Whether navigating strategic challenges or implementing new policies, Möbius' business consultants are by your side through both the design and realisation of your vision.

Your customers are always at the heart of this vision, as we track market trends and respond to customer needs, ensuring a tailored approach every step of the way.

operations consulting

Process & Data

Möbius empowers businesses to refine their operations, enabling them to function more efficiently and effectively in an ever-evolving marketplace. Our approach is not just about quality; it's deeply rooted in data-driven analysis.

People & Organization Consulting

People & Organisation

Möbius empowers organisations with enduring change strategies, impactful leadership development, and process enhancements to create an engaged and future-ready team.

By fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, we jointly equip your organisation to face tomorrow's challenges head-on.

Sustainability Consulting


Organisations are continuously raising the bar for sustainability. Drawing from years of expertise, Möbius expertly assists corporations and policy makers in navigating the complexities of sustainability challenges.

Let's talk about your challenges

We are here to help you tackle your most urgent business challenges with our flexible approach. Our business consultants work closely with you to develop effective and efficient solutions that make a real impact.