Private Sector

Möbius is committed to helping companies with their strategic challenges by resolutely opting for a people-focused transformation approach. Here optimal processes and the right mindset of employees are essential. Our guidance aims to help organisations embed sustainable results and achieve the intended customer experience.


Understand your customer

Today, products are produced and delivered all over the world in chains that are highly dependent on each other. Supply chains are becoming longer and more complex, but also more fragile. The volatility of the world market is also increasing, creating more uncertainty.

In addition, organisations that are close to the customer, such as service organisations and retailers, need to understand better than anyone how their products and services are perceived by people. This is in order to respond appropriately to emotional perception and ease of use. Digital technologies, the abundance of data and the use of analytics are important tools to improve operations and achieve customer strategy.


Banking & Finance

We help you thrive in a rapidly evolving financial industry

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HR & Social Services

Companies active in the field of ‘HR & Social Services’ are experts in connecting businesses and individuals, e.g. helping to employ temporary workers, offering payroll services, reimbursement of previously made medical costs,…

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In the utilities industry, we support companies that provide basic amenities, including natural gas, electricity and water.

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Telecom & Media

We help entertainment service providers, including mobile and fixed telephony, internet providers, media production and infrastructure manufacturers/operators. Call centers are also among our regular customers.

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Logistics & Transportation

We help companies that move people or goods including air freight and logistics, airlines, marine, road and rail, and transportation infrastructure.

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Borders fade, chains become networks, technological innovation leads to disruption. In addition, sustainability is coming to the fore. As a result, the customer journey is changing at high speed.

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Möbius takes on the challenges of forming future-oriented educational institutions together with you

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Food & Beverage

One of the oldest industries on the planet, but still full of innovation to respond to the challenges of containing costs, traceability and sustainability.

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A capital-intensive industry, faced with global challenges. As a cornerstone of Europe's economy, the chemicals industry is crucial for a prosperous society.

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High Tech & SaaS

We help technology companies adapt to a changing environment to have a sustainable impact on a global scale.

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Building Materials

Through our deep knowledge of the building ecosystem and operations, we support manufacturers and distributors to combine efficiency, customer-focus and sustainability. 

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