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Together we develop empowering and agile local governments with quality services.


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Local authorities are at the heart of our democracy and are the closest to the citizen. We have built up years of experience in assisting provinces, cities, municipalities, intermunicipal cooperations, public centre for social welfare, police districts and aid areas and are active in the Poolstok framework contract.

Our work covers various topics: from service concepts and organisational design to strategy. We work end-to-end: from the diagnosis to the delivery of lasting impact. Together, we generate tangible results that make a positive contribution to our society.

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"To our great satisfaction, Möbius has assisted in the change project that goes hand in hand with the drawing up of a schedule of requirements for our new building. [...]"

Filip Rasschaert, Ghent Police District Superintendent 

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Steven Bauwens

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Ruben Rombauts

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Bram Gekiere

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Laura Vanhee

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Delphine Morel de Westgaver

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