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Creative thinking and problem solving are your strengths?

You're passionate about supporting organisations at strategic moments in their lifecycle? You like to design and implement sustainable business solutions?

About Möbius

Möbius is a consulting firm but we are above all a "values-driven" company. Our values are fundamental to how we work: we achieve impact by living our values.


We spread our values and expertise in different sectors:
we work for the public sector, health institutions, industrial and service companies.


Work in a holacracy framework designed for how we work today: self-organising and agile


A continuous feedback culture with a thrive to keep on growing while gaining trust


Realisation of impactful projects in different sectors with freedom regarding the design


Home office, flexible working hours and an inspiring office to meet your colleagues


Recurring trainings and mentoring for your personal development

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You can’t find the vacancy you’re looking for, but you still feel like you would be a perfect fit for us?

At Möbius, we appreciate enthusiastic applicants like you. We believe in attracting talented individuals who share our vision and want to help our company grow.

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We live by these values


Shoulder to shoulder

We stand shoulder to shoulder, with our colleagues and with our clients. Together we create solutions to achieve common goals. We develop talent and stimulate individual competencies in performant teams.



We bring innovation and creativity to everything we do. We question what seems obvious. We applaud initiative on each level and encourage everyone to take on ownership.



We passionately take on any challenge. We put theory into practice, words into deeds. Testing, adapting and moving on invigorated, driven to make progress. We never give up until we succeed.



We turn your challenges into ours. We want to achieve results with impact. We delve into the very core of the challenge, take a solution oriented approach and keep the goal in mind.

Why we're profoundly different

When you would ask us: "Hmm ... so how exactly are you profoundly different?", which is a question we get a lot, this is what we would answer: