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With our combined proven expertise in both healthcare and manufacturing,  we guide you in a multidisciplinary and integrated way to reach your goals.

Pharma & Medtech

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Thanks to our experience in both healthcare and industry, we support Pharma, MedTech, BioTech and BioMedTech companies with the challenges they are facing today.

We are happy to provide guidance for any of the following challenges: value based healthcare, patient support programs, embedding surgical robots, resilient supply chains, operational excellence, Clinician/Patient Reported Experience/Outcome Measures (PREMs, PROMs & CREMs), demanding customers, improving performance with AI & analytics.

Next to our project experience, we engage in healthcare sector research and link these academic insights to pragmatic experiences in the whole continuum of care.

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Lien Van den Berghe

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Peter Debaere

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Lauren Vanhouteghem

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Thomas Haspeslagh

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We help to address the most urgent business needs and challenges. Our consultants focus on straight impact and maximum efficiency.

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The main challenge for hospitals is realizing (better) care at lower costs. We offer our expertise in hospital (networks) and doctor assocations.

Primary Care

We offer support for residential care centres, institutions for persons with disabilities, mutual health organisations, home care institutions, care companies, …

Health Policy

We provide guidance in developing, operationalising and monitoring policy, in defining strategy and in organisational management through an appropriate organisational model.