Healthcare sector

Our multidisciplinary team supports healthcare institutions in their strategic challenges by constantly striving to maximise the value and minimise the costs of care.


Four core values

The Belgian healthcare sector is under severe pressure and faces many challenges and opportunities in terms of professionalisation and collaboration.

Möbius supports this thanks to its substantive expertise and taking into account four central core values: we strive for a culture of excellence in terms of processes and behavior, we substantiate our proposals analytically and simulate alternatives where necessary, we pay attention to the change management involved in projects and we connect as many parties as possible within our network.


Life Sciences

With our combined proven expertise in healthcare and manufacturing, as well as other related industries, we guide you in a multidisciplinary and integrated way to reach your goals.

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Primary Care

We offer support for residential care centres, institutions for persons with disabilities, mutual health organisations, home care institutions, care companies, …

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We offer our expertise for hospital (networks) and doctor groups.

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Health Policy

We provide guidance in developing, operationalising and monitoring policy, in defining strategy and in organisational management through an appropriate organisational model.

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We help to address the most urgent business needs and challenges. Our consultants focus on straight impact and maximum efficiency.