Policy Crafting

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A future-proof policy

Policy is increasingly faced with wicked problems that require an integrated approach. The speed at which solutions must be found for certain challenges has only increased recently. 

At Möbius, we are happy to assist you in your search for appropriate answers and solutions to these societal challenges.  

Your challenges, our expertise

Process guidance

Looking for a facilitator, coach, expert or implementer? We bring in a neutral and independent point of view and fulfil the bridging function where the water between those involved is sometimes too deep to take the plunge spontaneously.

Policy cycle

We guide you through the different phases of the policy cycle: from vision creation, environmental analysis and programme-based approach to policy evaluation and policy monitoring.

Citizen participation

Citizens are the essential link in shaping policy. With our participation techniques, we create informed policy-making and citizen engagement.

Experts in Policy Crafting

Picture of Katrien Devroe

Katrien Devroe

Picture of Ruben Rombauts

Ruben Rombauts

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