Patient Experience

Möbius supports you to determine and operationalise the strategy to create a continuous ‘wow’-experience for your patients.

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Adapt the (digital) patient paths to the needs of the patient and his/her environment

With the accessibility to medical information and technological evolution, the patient has the possibility to be in the driving seat of his/her own care. Hospitals are more than ever able to get insight in the composition of their patient population on a demographic, social and financial level which enables them to customise the patient paths and the framework of the patient groups.

Your challenge, our expertise

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Analysing the patient population

Möbius supports in gaining insights into the current patient population on a demographic and socio-economic level. By bringing all relevant information together, the future profile of a patient(segment) can be determined. Think here of hospitalisation data, number of episodes, specific medical parameters, the social profile, the digital presence, etc. These (predictive) analyses allow to personalise care and predict future care needs.

Möbius has developed state-of-the-art analytics and prediction tools to execute the desired assessments. 

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Improving the patient paths

Möbius assesses the patient pathway beyond the walls of the hospital, by mapping the needs of the patient as well as his environment. We are the partner for visualising and quantifying the patient journey (including travel sheet analysis, process mining, value stream mapping, etc.) and supporting the effective implementation of a (digital) patient pathway as a project and change manager. We bridge the gap between a technical implementer and the healthcare provider, and ensure immediate results. Via ‘kaizen events’ we effectively achieve results with a limited investments.

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Setting up a governance structure in which the patient is central

Möbius is the partner who likes to think along with you about how to integrate a patient-centered strategy into every fiber of your organisation and leadership. This can be done by embedding this strategy into the governance of your organisation through structure, roles and competences.

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