Cost Management

Today hospitals have a highly fragmented view on the costs and revenues of the delivered care. Therefore it is difficult, on a diagnostic or activity level, to get insights in the profitability and improvement opportunities.

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Health economic assessment

The costs monitor forms a sound basis for every health economic assessment. It calculates the cost of a care pathway where a standard operation determines the null hypothesis. This can then be followed by an assessment of the impact of a new technology, medicine or intervention on the costs and health effects.

Möbius builds the bridge between the pharmaceutical sector and hospitals:

  1. Möbius offers hospitals insights in the costs of care pathways and provides for this an intuitive dashboard: the costs monitor.
  2. In collaboration with the hospital, a health economic evaluation of a new technology, medicine or intervention can be conducted.
  3. The costs monitor dashboard can consequently be utilised to conduct other cost studies.

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