Capacity Management

Möbius introduces integrated capacity planning so that capacity is optimised throughout the entire care chain.

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Optimal capacity planning throughout the care chain

Given the scarcity on the labor market, the impending network collaborations and the increase in patient expectations, hospitals are more than ever engaged in gaining insights into available capacity and the optimisation of it. In the hospital world, capacity issues need to be approached across the different departments as shifts can have a major impact within the care chain.

By analysing, simulating and optimising data, we optimally align consultation scheduling, surgery scheduling, bed scheduling and staffing plans, to ensure the existing capacity is utilised in the best way. The ability to simulate scenarios allows for quick changes to be made if necessary, in order to tailor the staff deployment to the needs.

Your challenge, our expertise

Meet our experts in Capacity Management

Picture of Mathieu Dierick

Mathieu Dierick

Picture of Sarah Misplon

Sarah Misplon

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Benjamin Lelubre

Picture of Peter Willen

Peter Willen

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Esther Chevalier

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Tessa De Backer

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Siel Van Renterghem

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Désirée Vandenberghe

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