Webinar: Organizing for sustainability excellence in terms of governance, performance management, culture and roadmapping

May 10th

Interesting times ahead for companies embarking on a sustainability transformation. When it comes to managing social and environmental challenges, the recently launched as well as the upcoming European directives cannot be overlooked. The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) foresees the adoption of reporting standards regarding non-financial information, while the EU taxonomy provides companies and investors with definitions for which economic activities can be considered environmentally sustainable..

What do these European directives mean for your enterprise? How can you comply? Or even further, how can you make a solid sustainability strategy and roadmap work for your business and make you win in the market?

It’s a challenge indeed, research indicates only 2% of sustainability programs meet or exceed expectations.

In this webinar onMay 10th, we’ll outline the essential elements of the upcoming regulations – and how they will impact your business. We take it one step further and break it down on what it means to organize for sustainability excellence in terms of governance, performance management, culture and roadmapping. To show how this works in practice, Francesca Angiulli (sustainability manager at Agfa Group) will explain how she professionalizes the sustainability management of a global chemical company.

Francesca Angiulli (Agfa Group)


  • 12h-12h20: Upcoming European policy (CSRD and EU taxonomy): why, how and what?
  • 12h20 – 12h45: The essentials of a successful sustainability transformation
    • Sustainability strategy and materiality
    • Governance and performance management
    • Sustainability roadmapping: managing systems and culture
  • 12h45 – 13h10: the case of Agfa Group – sustainability management in practice
  • 13h10-13h30: Q&A

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