A growing number of organisations see no other option: the organisation structures must be reinvented.

  • They are driven by:
    an increased awareness of the choices an organisation can make;
  • the ongoing digitization and the emergence of artificial intelligence;
  • the motivation of people which is influenced by purpose, self-development and -organisation;
  • the disruptive times we live in.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
Structure eats culture for dinner.

Our vision

We believe that every model is wrong, while some are useful. We are inspired by the insights of modern social technologies, by innovative and fluid forms of organisation such as Holacracy and sociocracy and by 20 years of empirical research. Inspired by various innovative frameworks and movements, Trüvius puts your people first

The core elements of our vision: maximizing self-management, developing leadership in everyone, increasing transparency, creating more flexible roles and tasks, and collaborating in networks.

Our offers

Designing organisations

A solid organisation design is always the result of a participatory process in which the expertise of Trüvius and your organisation’s sector and business expertise enrich each other. It is a dynamic picture based on your strategy and vision taking all relevant organisational dimensions into consideration.

Supporting transformation processes

We assist organisations with the transformation to a new organisational design. Together, using the right methods with the right intensity, we shape the communication, the project-based approach, the monitoring of results and effects and the engagement of stakeholders.

Different kinds of support

An innovative organisation at cruising speed requires a different type of support than a traditional organisation. We offer specific interventions tailored to the needs of the organisation and inspire, facilitate, coach, train and advise your collaborators.

Quickscan & roadmap

The hype is (almost) over. The dust has settled. Some organisations have issues. Other organisations are successful and crave for more. We assist organisations in adjusting their design and shaping a roadmap to further improve the way the organisation functions.