Innovation in organizational structure is motivating!

Organizational structures often reflect the ethos and culture at a company. It’s no different in our company.

Organizational structures often reflect the ethos and culture at a company.
It’s no different in our company.

As well as its ‘normal’ vertical organizational structure (which is in fact is very horizontal), Möbius also has a ‘Get a Hat’ coalition.
This is a network, with representatives of the various Möbius divisions (4 sectors/target audiences and 8 areas of expertise/themes).
It is at the ‘Get A Hat’ meeting that innovative ideas can be put forward, and an approving nod from the representatives around the table means an idea can be taken forward.

Since creativity and innovation are typically accompanied by chaos and impulsiveness, this meeting uses ‘spheres’ as action points.
Small spheres represent smaller ideas or improvements that can be tackled quickly.
Large spheres represent longer-term improvement projects. Time and budgets will be allocated to such initiatives.

So there was our initiative:
An idea that had been gestating in the minds of four enthusiastic staff members for some little time.
We wanted to look deeper and work further on a topic that we were passionate about.

We all believe companies can excel only when they look after their staff.
And ‘happy’ is an understatement. A happy employee isn’t good enough! Employees should all be enthusiastic, excited about their job, creative, innovative, network with each other, take on challenges, not forgetting of course about their daily duties. Without a sound supportive framework, employees are doomed to end up completely burned out.

We encounter it in our assignments, and more than often get the question: how can we ensure that this ideal employee isn’t rapidly exhausted?
How can we bundle all the tips and tricks gathered from different assignments, team assignments, coaching assignments and trainings?
And how can we ensure that our clients benefit too?
That employees themselves get something out of it?

A bog-standard PowerPoint, prezi or pdf is not enough and far too ordinary.

Let’s write a book!
That’s it!
A book!

And so we’re away.
The ‘Get a Hat’ coalition gave us a resounding ‘Go’, and we are now officially a ‘sphere’ in their agenda.
Critical but enthusiastic colleagues gave our idea a warm reception, giving us the confidence to go for it full-on.

Great to work here.
Great to give ideas a chance.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading

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