Cracking car glass service

Carglass wanted to embed its customer delight strategy: offering a superior customer service.
Jan Bellaert

Aiming for a wow-effect is the best marketing campaign you can imagine.

Ronny Van den Driesch, Audit & Vehicle Manager

Strategic challenge

Carglass strives to exceed the expectations of the customer at any time. To realize this, Carglass operates following clear processes with attention for surprising extras. One of the key success factors is the continuous quality monitoring of its service delivery to improve customer service quality.


To support Carglass with delivering an outstanding service at any time, Möbius carries out several projects. We briefly describe a few of them below.

Mystery shopping to each of the branches

Well-trained and qualified mystery shoppers visit each of the branches twice a quarter, accounting for more than 350 mystery visits per year. They use different scenarios, e.g. a small asterisk or crack in the windshield, a broken side window, … After each visit, the mystery shoppers complete a comprehensive questionnaire about the experienced service: e.g. warm welcome, received a clear tender, neat waiting room, …

Exist-surveys with customers

Surveyors of Möbius take standardized questionnaires twice a quarter during one hour at each branch when customers are leaving, resulting in some 800 conversations per year. They ask them about the reason for their visit as well as what they find most surprising, where they see improvement opportunities and where they eventually have experienced difficulties. This to get an understanding of the customer experience quality.

Call center evaluation

Carglass has a free telephone number where potential customers can contact them 24/7.  Möbius listens to calls, both inbound and outbound, to assess objective and subjective elements, e.g. friendliness, empathy, helpfulness,…

Result customer service quality

Based on the collaboration with Möbius, Carglass receives a lot of information to shape the future customer experience quality and continuously monitor its service quality.

  • An annual follow-up on the most important satisfaction drivers;
  • A clear comparison with results obtained during the previous years;
  • An overview of the conversion rate per channel (telephone, online booking, …)
  • A large amount of possible improvement opportunities and tips (such as providing bicycles and helmets in each branch so customers can make short trips whilst their car window is been repaired)

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