Towards a client oriented organization

As customers have become more demanding over the last years, Partena wanted to rethink the way the organization was servicing its clients.
Gert Billen
Gert Billen

Möbius had a perfect understanding of our needs and expectations on this project, which is unique in the consulting world. Working together with the Möbius team felt like working with specialist of our business instead of external consultants.

Bruno Debuysscher, Workforce Manager
Partena Professional

Strategic challenge

Partena Compass’ last organization model had put most focus on profitability and internal efficiency. As customers have become more demanding over the last years, Partena wanted to rethink the way the organization was servicing its clients. Möbius was asked to define a new client oriented target operating model that required:

  • A clear view on customer needs and current satisfaction over all channels.
  • An in-depth analysis of the internal organization and impact on client interactions.
  • A clear definition of vision on customer strategy.

Approach for a client oriented organization

Analyzing the client interactions

Möbius consolidated all available interaction data and installed easy measurement systems to complement the data, creating one complete overview of client interaction information. The voice of the customer was captured by sending out a customer satisfaction survey. Möbius performed deep analysis to understand today’s service performance, calculating metrics such as satisfaction by characteristic, response times and the overall Net Promotor Score (NPS).

Redefining the organization

Via stakeholder interviews and Gemba walks, Möbius could gain deep understanding in the current organizational model. Specific focus was set on engaging all employees by capturing their concerns and ideas via interactive workshops. This analysis resulted in a one-day vision workshop with the client during which pain points were identified and possible organizational changes discussed.

Detailing the new Target Operating Model

Once the main changes were validated by the management team, Möbius could start detailing the new Target Operating Model.

The team- and management structure was revised and roles were refined. Objectives were set for each service characteristic using the SMART framework. A bottom-up task based FTE model was built and used in combination with variability analysis to define the sizing of the new teams. Finally, the distribution of tasks within teams was completely redesigned to allow for a flexible and speedy customer service.


Möbius delivered a new Target Operating Model that includes:

  • A blueprint with new roles, responsibilities and objectives of each team
  • A detailed impact analysis on people, processes and tools
  • An elaborated road map for implementation

The model has been validated by the client in full and is currently being implemented to become a client oriented organization.

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