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In a circular city or region we use materials, energy, water, space and food more efficiently by smartly closing cycles. To do so, we need to anchor the circular economy principles in the thinking and doing of urban policymakers, local entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and citizens.

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We help you become future-proof and bring the circular economy to life in your city or region.

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Development of an urban circular strategy

Would you like to know how the circular economy can offer added value in your region?

Boosting circular entrepreneurship

We help you create a breeding ground for circular entrepreneurs and support them in setting up their circular business.

Promoting collaboration

Cooperation is key in realizing a circular economy. We help you set up (digital and physical) circular hubs.

Stimulating circular building & sustainable
building management

Construction offers enormous opportunities for closing cycles. Do you want to make your urban infrastructure more sustainable?

Realising circular procurement

As a city, you can take on a pioneering role by making your own internal organisation more sustainable. The procurement process is an ideal starting point.

Facilitating sustainable mobility

Are you looking for the optimal mix in your urban mobility, in line with the latest developments and possibilities?

Together with our strategic partners, we are your one-stop-shop for advice on the circular economy.

As an authority in the field of sustainable materials management, VITO calculates the recyclability of materials and products and finds innovative solutions for valorizing waste streams.

Edmire drives sustainable innovation by analysing products and designing alternatives to fit the circular economy.

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Helen Versluys
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Danielle Dewickere
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