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Create the right context for your employees to flourish.

Winning organizations are attracting, developing, inspiring and engaging employees to perform at their personal best. Motivated and culturally-aligned employees, which are equipped with the right processes and tools, deliver exceptional experiences at every interaction.

Möbius guides you in getting it right at every stage of the employee lifecycle to maintain an engaged workforce which is competent, collaborative and connected.

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Testimonials about our EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE expertise

We help you create great employee experiences.

Employee Experience

  • Employee Experience is driven by an honest-to-goodness intention to foster relationships and experiences with each other and with customers. Creating happy employees makes happy customers. 
  • We help you monitor employee experience and introduce successful engagement programs. 

Change & Communication

  • We all want change but nobody is willing to change. Dealing with and organizing change is an essential competence in every organization.
  • We help you create an “open climate” for change, innovation and success. We implement programs and frameworks that foster an agile and resilient workforce by combining our change and communication skills. 

New Ways of Working & Knowledge

  • We help implement New Ways of Working by striving for a perfect symbiosis between  the physical, digital and mental workplace.
  • Inherent knowledge is standardized and available. Knowledge is accessible anytime, anywhere from a single ‘true’ source and is easily found. We implement programs and frameworks to sustain your knowledge, both implicitly and explicitly.

Personal Development

  • We shape powerful personal development journeys and interventions.
  • Our certified coaches support your leaders, teams and employees to get the best out of themselves. We guide them to achieve their personal professional goals more effectively and quickly. 


  • We  use proven recipes to build high-performance teams and to facilitate meeting in such a way that it becomes a special, inspiring and effective experience.
  • We coach teams, at every level, to manage their own work. Increasing autonomy, empowerment and overall performance.


  • The number of ways to structure your organization is no longer limited to a traditional management hierarchy.   
  • We help implement innovative organizational structures such as Holacracy, Sociocracy. 

Experts in Employee Experience

Dorothée Laire
Dorothée Laire
Sofie De Coninck
Sofie De Coninck
Suzanne Schöningh mobius
Suzanne Schöningh
Eline Van den Eeckhaut
Eline Van den Eeckhaut