Our expertise in Sustainability & Circular Economy

Committed to better business results and sustainability.

Accelerating the sustainable transition is a topic high on every CEO’s agenda. But what role can business play? The principles of the circular economy are a successful recipe to grow, innovate and transform in line with the expectations of stakeholders, not least those of our planet.

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Better business results and sustainability go hand in hand.

A future-proof sustainability strategy

Define a differentiating and growth-oriented sustainability strategy, aligned with key stakeholder expectations 

A business-relevant sustainability program

Only 2% of sustainability programs meet or exceed expectations. Put in place the fundamentals of a business-relevant sustainability program

Circular business models

Identify new opportunities for doing business in the circular economy, whether big or small. And get insight in how to turn them into action.

Circular value chain design

Design a new value chain around your circular opportunity by circular product design, reverse logistics or new partnerships.

Towards a circular ecosystem

Circular innovation is hardly ever kickstarted alone, find a common ground between you and potential partners to turn idea into result.

Circular economy inspiration and training

Do you want to lower the threshold to get started on circular economy. Get immersed in our tailed circular inspiration and training programs. A set of pilot projects guaranteed.

Experts in Sustainability & Circular Economy

Mathias Fahy
Helen Versluys
Helen Versluys
Danielle Dewickere
Danielle Dewickere