We all want change, but do not want to be changed. Dealing with and managing change has long proven to be an essential competency in any organisation. Different approaches on how best to deal with change exist, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, managing change is increasingly becoming a necessary competency of every autonomous collaborator.

We will never again
live in a world that is
changing as slowly as today.

Our vision

Trüvius offers both the methodology and the tools for ‘managing’ change. ‘Building the bridge while walking on it’ and collective wisdom are highly valued. Considering the context and challenges, they are combined with a result-oriented, constructive, phased and inspired change approach with a continuous focus on strategy, stakeholders, communication, facilitation, education, training & development, monitoring and project management.

Our offers

Design of a change approach

We assist your organisation in designing a solid and effective change approach. Together we explore the change challenge(s) and context and make an action plan to achieve the objectives as smoothly as possible.

Managing change

We consider your challenge to be ours and take on the role of change manager in order to bring a chosen change approach into reality.

Support in specific change topics

Our experts assist you in taking a high-quality approach to your change journey in the following areas: strategic management, communication, facilitation, training and development, benefits- and continuity management, employee satisfaction and engagement, portfolio, program and project management.

Coaching the change agents

We coach your people at all levels of the organisation so they can support and shape the change from the inside out.