The Risk&RACE game is the ideal way to introduce circular economy strategies and business models in your organization. Making it educational, engaging and fun at the same time. It is a board game that simulates how circular and linear business models work in practice, that takes into account different economical backgrounds and gets the players discover the advantages and drawbacks of circular economy.

The Risk&RACE game can be adapted to the context and challenges of your own organization in order to get a thorough understanding and open the debate and discussion between the participants. Accordingly it can serve diverse goals, differing from a pure knowledge session, over an exciting teambuilding to a successful brainstorm about your own sustainable organization.

Möbius’ circularity experts are licensed Risk&RACE facilitators and implement the game in workshops and projects. Next to playing the game, we can support you in translating these circular concepts to your organization and context, as well as help you with the implementation.

Timing: 4 hours

Participants: 4-12 players per facilitator, can be played with multiple facilitators at a time

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