Personal Development

"Everything starts with the individual"

Why keep on developing ourselves?

Our vision

  • A focus on increasing ownership of the personal development journey.

  • An approach centered on the realisation of developmental goals, with the necessary adjustments when needed.

  • A learning context in which workplace learning is key.

  • Developmental journeys that take into account the relational aspect of leadership skills and, when useful, also approach personal development from a team perspective.

How we can support you

Coaching journey

Our coaches work in compliance with the standards defined by the ICF (International Coach Federation).

They will support you or your collaborators in (typically around five) one-on-one sessions during a four month period in accomplishing your ambitions.

Personal development journey

When we start working with a team or group of people to further strengthen their leadership skills, we create a tailor-made program consisting of various possible components such as inspiration modules, coaching, group coaching, peer learning, supervision, online modules, online coaching, mentoring, work labs, et cetera.

The learning organisation

Based on our experience, we act as a valuable sounding board and help delineate the learning capacity of your organisation. For this task, our consulting, organisational and project management skills come in handy.

Meet our Personal Development experts

Picture of Lien Vossaert

Lien Vossaert

Picture of Lynn Vanleysen

Lynn Vanleysen

Picture of Jef Meeus

Jef Meeus

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