Transition Management

Navigating in times of disruption and contributing to a society in transition.

A layered, transformative learning process

We live in an age of change, some would say a changing era. We are facing major social challenges. Our society is in transition.

Transition management is the search for how we can relate to this new reality. It is not a linear change process from A to B. It's a layered, transformative learning process. This starts with properly mapping out the context in transition in order to determine what role your organisation has to play in it. Together with other actors, we contribute to the bigger story that transcends the power of each individual actor.

In this service we bundle our expertise of change management, cooperation, personal development and awareness, and organisational and network development into one coherent whole with a layered approach.

Your challenges, our expertise

Navigating complexity and uncertainty

  • Get tools and handholds to skillfully deal with the unknown
  • Gain insight into the opportunities and levers that present themselves in this context
  • Develop a supported vision and robust strategy, in co-creation with stakeholders
  • Realise an executable and agile action plan with support

Getting actors to work together (beyond their own self-interest)

  • Engage stakeholders to work together for a bigger story
  • Unite an ecosystem of actors for long-term cooperation
  • Work on a constructive cooperation climate

An appropriate organisational culture and leadership

  • Transform to an organisational structure that is prepared for disruptive change
  • Develop a culture in which the talents and passion of employees are used to the full
  • Build trust as the basis for success

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