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More than ever, companies work in a network of organizations. This makes it difficult to guarantee the satisfaction of their customers themselves. To measure quality of service or compliance with regulation, mystery research can be a valuable tool. We’ve developed a practical mini-guide in which we will provide information about our standard approach.

Discover how and why organizations invest in mystery research, not only limited to in-store evaluations, but also for other channels, e.g. telephone, email, website,… Read our mini-guide to learn about the first steps to take, inspiring cases and some trends for the future.

At Möbius, we have made the standard approach for mystery research our own, thanks to proven methodologies, research, innovative thinking and a lot of experiences in the past. It consists of four steps, which will be explained in detail, each time accompanied by a practical example.

1. Determine scenarios

A set of elements triggering the need for a certain product or service, combined with information on the reaction we expect from the company in this specific situation.

  • Develop a suitable, simple & realistic scenario.
  • Offer mystery shoppers an overview of reasons for their visit, call, mail,…

2. Prepare the checklist

A complete overview of all open and closed questions the mystery shopper must answer after every visit.

  • Work out the customer journey, the complete sum of experiences a customer goes through when interacting with your company.
  • Define a complete checklist, with a logical structure.

3. Plan, inform and test

Perform as many checks as possible, considering the available budget, time and desired reliability level.

  • Schedule the mystery visits, calls, mails,…
  • Inform the auditors and let them experience some expected situations by means of small plays
  • Include a pilot stage to check whether the scenarios work in the real world

4. Execute the checks, control and report

Keep in mind the initial reason why this specific research was set up.

  • Make sure to realize a close follow-up
  • Carry out (sub)analyzes
  • Pay sufficient attention to opportunities for improvement


In 2017, Carglass achieved a Net Promoter Score of 88, thanks to their focus on Customer Excellence and the insights they collect annually through mystery research.

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