Business Club for Customer Service managers – Voka Vlaams-Brabant

June 24th, 2021

Customer expectations are constantly rising and your customer service department is an important stakeholder in delivering your customer promises.  That’s why Voka Vlaams-Brabant & Möbius organize a Business Club for Customer Service managers.   

The business club consists of 4 sessions in which we will tackle some of the challenges customer service is currently facing. Some of the topics that will be addressed are:  

  • The role of customer service in the overall customer experience 
  • Optimizing the channel strategy  
  • The trends and evolutions as well as their impact on customer service 
  • Defining the right organizational structure & team setup  
  • Discovering the influence of EX on CX 

What can you expect?   

Throughout the sessions we share knowledge and expertise, in combination with practical  testimonials and cases from within the group. In each session you will have the possibility to learn from each other and to network with your peers.   

Are you leading a customer service or internal sales team? Then this Business Club allows you to further broaden your knowledge & network and gives you the opportunity to learn from and connect with peers.   

The sessions will take place on the following dates: 

  • Thursday June 6th: 2 pm till 5 pm  
  • Tuesday September 21st : 2 pm till 5 pm 
  • Tuesday October 19th: 2 pm till 5 pm 
  • Tuesday November 23rd: 2 pm till 5 pm  

Depending on the Covid-19 situation and measurements, the Business Club will be organized physically or virtually.  

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