CX P2P Session: TVH

November 19th, 2020

As building bridges fits our purpose, Möbius partnered with Els Dhaeze to set-up CX PEER2PEER, a network for CX experts and lovers

  • As CX professionals, most of us face the same challenges in our efforts to shape a customer driven culture. Therefore, we believe sharing experiences, best practices, pitfalls, cases and ideas amongst CX peers is of great value. Möbius partnered with Els Dhaeze to set-up CX PEER2PEER, a network for CX experts and lovers. After a first successful trial at Hyundai with cases from Hyundai Belgium and Vistaprint, we further pursue our plans.
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  • This session will be hosted by TVH on November 19th, A detailed agenda will become available in the coming weeks.
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