WEBINAR: Integrated Business Planning for efficient agility in uncertain times

Thanks to their Integrated Business Planning processes, most companies are well prepared to manage the post-COVID uncertainty. Or aren't they? In the next year, companies will operate in an environment where many things are uncertain. Not only is market demand less predictable than ever. That is not all. Supply markets are subject to swings and disruptions too. Even internal operations become uncertain when sanitary regulations evolve differently in every country. The cost to manage supply chains by constant day-to-day crisis management for a long time will be too high. Companies need ways to manage uncertainty efficiently.

In this free webinar, Luc Baetens, Partner at Möbius, will share his insights on how Integrated Business Planning can respond to the challenge. The process is not new, but should it be used differently?

We will discuss the following topics:

  • How to make realistic assumptions and scenarios for all essential aspects of the value chain?
  • How to move from predicting what will happen towards preparing for what can happen?
  • How to use Integrated Business Planning to steer the entire value chain?
  • How to use financial metrics efficiently to decide in the interest of the company?
  • Supported by real-life examples

** This webinar is part of a series **

Upcoming topics (date not always known yet)

  • Demand Management in a highly volatile context (May 19)
  • End-to-end value chain visibility

Past topics

  • Dynamic Inventory Management for more Resilience in the Supply Chain (April 28)