Cost Management

Create clarity in your financial and operational data

Today hospitals have a highly fragmented view on the costs and revenues of the delivered care. Therefore it is difficult, on a diagnostic or activity level, to get insights in the profitability and improvement opportunities.

Möbius is your partner in terms of data analysis.

Together we make data more insightful and we visualize the result.

Our solutions

Costs monitor

The costs monitor supports in the exercises that aim to redesign the care paths, to perform cost-benefit analyses or to question and improve the profitability. The costs monitor offers per pathology (APR-DRG and severity) and per patient insights in the performed activities and costs of all involved parties: doctors and paramedics, medical technical services, OR, CSSD, infirmaries, day hospitals, emergency department and pharmacy. Using an interactive dashboard, the costs monitor depicts the cost distribution per APR-DRG and severity, and it allows also to zoom on an individual patient or a group of patients.

The dashboard further foresees a benchmark to compare the care profile and costs per APR-DRG of a particular hospital with the other hospitals.

The Activity Based Costing method was applied for the calculation of the costs. Additionally the costs monitor offers insight in the revenues coming from honoraria, FRB, flat rates, pharmacy and other revenues. In this way the revenues and profitability both per pathology and per department, can be assessed.

Möbius implements the costs monitor in your hospital or Möbius uses the costs monitor on a project basis to conduct cost-benefit analyses or to increase the profitability.

We developed a tool to provide insight in the costs and revenues per pathology.

Dashboard Low Variable Care

Since January 1st, 2019, a fixed amount is attributed per patient for the doctors’ honoraria of patient groups that are included in Low Variability Care. This new legislation caused a tremendous financial impact on the hospitals as well as the involved medical specialties.

The dashboard Low Variability Care gives insights in the relative profitability of the different patient groups. Moreover it gets clear for which patient groups within your hospital there is a performance rate that outweighs the national average (causing that the fixed amount is not sufficient). This gives the hospital the opportunity to question the current care path and to adjust it if necessary. Finally it’s possible to monitor the magnitude of each remaining group with the purpose to  divide the group in a fitting way. 

Möbius assists your hospital in setting up a supported vision for the distribution of the honoraria.

We developed a dashboard to provide insights in the distribution for Low Variability Care.

Health economic assessment (Health economics, market access and reimbursement and Health Technology Assessment)

The costs monitor forms a sound basis for every health economic assessment. It calculates the cost of a care pathway where a standard operation determines the null hypothesis. This can then be followed by an assessment of the impact of a new technology, medicine or intervention on the costs and health effects.

Möbius builds the bridge between the pharmaceutical sector and hospitals:

  1. Möbius offers hospitals insights in the costs of care pathways and provides for this an intuitive dashboard: the costs monitor.
  2. In collaboration with the hospital, a health economic evaluation of a new technology, medicine or intervention can be conducted.
  3. The costs monitor dashboard can consequently be utilized to conduct other cost studies.

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