Our expertise in Operational Excellence

Increase organizational effectiveness and sustain continuous improvement.

Operational Excellence strives to continuously increase the ability of the organization to create value in a reliable, consistent and efficient manner. It develops a strong culture of continuous development, innovation and striving for perfection. It develops leadership throughout the organization and mobilizes it integrally in realizing the strategy.

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We improve organizational effectiveness and sustain continuous improvement.

Leadership & Culture

  • Integrate Operational Excellence in the management processes from management to implementation and improvement.
  • Make this the engine of continuous improvement and culture change.

Value Streams

  • Clarify how you create added value for the customer.
  • Identify bottlenecks and waste; improve lead times and performance; increase flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Use of BPM, VSM,…

Teamwork & self-steering

  • Form teams as units to perform the work.
  • Increase their effectiveness in executing and improving.
  • Give them the knowledge, resources and skills to operate as self-managing units.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Optimize your workforce with an advanced planning process, based on workload and workload measurements. This ensures an efficient and sustainable use of your resources.

Project- and Change- Management

  • Identify and define breakthrough projects.
  • Achieve results effectively.
  • Create permanent change in the operation and culture of the entire organization.

Continuous Improvement

  • Identify problems at all levels, in all processes.
  • Address issues with permanent or temporary teams.
  • Make improving everyone’s job everyday.
  • Use of Lean

Experts in Operational Excellence

Luc Baetens
Leon van der Loo
Frédéric Loose
Frédéric Loose
Jasmine De Coninck
Jasmine De Coninck
Gert Billen
Gert Billen