Our expertise in Strategy & Business Models

Solve the most critical business issues from strategy to implementation.

A clear strategy is imperative for sustainable growth. It all starts with knowing how to excel, which territory to claim and how to differentiate yourself from competition. Which markets to focus on and which role to play in an increasingly complex and dynamic market environment.

Möbius can guide and challenge you in making the right choices and support the strategy implementation within your organization.

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Testimonials about our STRATEGY expertise

Supporting our clients in solving their most critical business issues
 from strategy to implementation.

Developing strategy

  • Strategic review to discover new opportunities ranging from  diversification to new markets
  • Finding and eliminating margin leaks.
  • Conducting market research to assess market potential. 
  • Define the WHY (purpose). 

Accelerating growth

  • Re-define your focus and positioning strategy. 
  • Guidance towards mergers & acquisitions.
  • Identify growth levers.
  • Innovation & service design.

Aligning the organization

  • Translating the WHY to the WHAT and the HOW by defining a winning Target Operating Model. 
  • Blueprinting the organizational structure, processes and ideal culture.
  • Alignment of all functional domains with the new strategy

Support implementation
& manage change

  • Strategy deployments via key objectives and KPI’s at all levels.
  • Guide and support strategic implementation by  developing a transition roadmap and executing roll-out plans. 
  • Dealing with and managing change.

Partner search & development

  • Guidance in discovering synergies
  • Network design
  • Partner search
  • Facilitate partnership discussions
  • Design the right Collaboration Model

Agile organisations

  • Guidance in discovering synergies
  • Network design
  • Partner search
  • Facilitate partnership discussions
  • Design the right Collaboration Model

Our proven 5 step approach

  1. We start by analyzing your current market and organization (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats).
  2. We determine your key challenge and help you define a winning business model.
  3. Define your strategic focus.
  4. Clarify your competitive advantages using our positioning canvas.
  5. Translate your strategic position into basic principles and an action plan.

Download Canvas Business Model

Determine how to excel

What is your value proposition for your selected market scope

Download Canvas Strategic Focus

Set the right focus

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do

Download Positioning Canvas

Identify the territory you want to claim

Describe a credible and differentiating positioning

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