Our expertise in hospitals

The big challenge for hospitals is to realize (better) care with less costs. The pressure on funding is constantly increasing, while the demand for quality care is growing. This is partly due to higher patient expectations, new treatment options and changes in the patient population.

Professionalization, focusing on efficiency and the development of competencies, valorization of technology, and the development of sustainable collaborations and network structures are necessary.

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Network structures

Building and shaping sustainable network structures across hospital walls using clear strategies, unambiguous governance, well-founded collaboration models, calculated business cases, … 

Capacity planning

Integrated management of capacity issues (staff, beds, consultation, emergency, operating theatre, …) of a hospital (network) as a lever to control costs and workload.

Cost control

Implementing cost control at different levels (patient path, service, organization, network, …) in order to cope with the mass of challenges and as an important ‘enabler’ of innovation.

Patient satisfaction

Setting up patient pathways in function of ‘delight’ by involving the patient through participation, setting up digital follow-up, implementing outcome-driven processes, …

Healthcare supply chain

Organizing optimal logistics in hospitals in view of ‘Master Plan’, transport, patient logistics, drug processes, …

Experts in hospitals

Mathieu Dierick
Peter Willen
Sarah Misplon
Sarah Misplon
Benjamin Lelubre
Benjamin Lelubre
Thomas Haspeslagh
Thomas Haspeslagh
Olivier Camaly
Siel van Renterghem
Siel Van Renterghem
Désirée Vandenberghe
Désirée Vandenberghe
Melanie Sioen
Melanie Sioen

Expertise in health policy

We guide healthcare institutions in the development, evaluation and operationalisation of policy and strategy. 

Expertise in primary care

We focus on participation and cooperation within primary, secondary and tertiary care